Arrangements have been made to celebrate the International Translation Day for the third time at the Department of Official Languages on 30.09.2019 under the theme of “Translation and Indigenous Languages” proposed by the United Nations.

A translation competition for school students will be held for the second time. This competition is open only for Grade 12 and 13 students of National schools in Islandwide. A maximum of three students (one student per translation category) from each school can participate in the competition.

  • Translation category
    • (i) Sinhala/English (ii) Sinhala/Tamil (iii) Tamil/English
      A small paragraph given in one language should be translated into the other language. E.g. Under Sinhala/English category, a paragraph given in Sinhala language should be translated into English language and a paragraph given in English language should be translated into Sinhala language.
  • Venue
    • Colombo District
  • Date
    • August 2019
  • Applying for the competition
    • The duly completed application should be forwarded to “Commissioner General of Official Languages, Department of Official Languages, 341/7, Kotte Road, Rajagiriya” on or before 15.08.2019.
      NB : The top left hand corner of the envelope should bear “Translation Day - 2019”
  • Judge Board
    • The judgement for each translation category will be given by three Judge Boards. Each Judge Board consists of two senior

The winners will be awarded the certificates and prizes on 30.09.2019. The certificates for other participants will be forwarded to the relevant school.

Further information regarding the competition can be obtained via the below mentioned telephone/fax number, website and email address.

Telephone : +94 112 877 231
Fax : +94 112 888 928
Website :
Email : doltrsch19[at]

Download Application : Click here