The Department of Official Languages, in commemoration of the International Translation Day which falls on 30th of September, is organizing the Translation Competition (Short Stories) for the second consecutive year under the theme of Translation and Indigenous Languages with a view to extending a helping hand to emerging translators.

Those who are interested can get registered by posting the duly completed application form available on the website of Department of Official Languages to the address: Commissioner of Official Languages, Department of Official Languages, No. 341/7, Kotte Rd, Rajagiriya with “Translation Competition (Short Stories)” written on the top left-hand corner of the envelope or by completing the Google Form in the official website of the Department: on or before 12.07.2019.

The short stories to be translated will be sent to those who get registered and the short stories of the winners of each category will be published on the “Subhasha” souvenir. The terms and conditions of the competition which will be held in Sinhala, Tamil and English media are as follows.

General Conditions

  • Winners of the previous competition are not allowed to participate in this year’s competition.
  • Those who are interested in Translation can participate in the competition.
  • This competition will be held in four categories (i.e.: English to Sinhala, Sinhala to Tamil, Tamil to Sinhala and English to Tamil)
  • A person can apply only for one out of the ‍four categories.
  • Applications of the applicants who have chosen more than one category out of the four shall be REJECTED.
  • The short story that should be translated will be provided by us.
  • No personal information other than the index number, which will be provided by us within the course of the competition, should be submitted with the translation.

Terms and Conditions of the Competition

  • PDF and Word documents of your translation should be sent to the Department via Email.
  • Your translation should preserve the meaning of the source text and be devoid of spelling and grammatical errors.

For further details, contact the Translation Bureau on 0112888934 (extension - 226) or log on to or connect with our official Facebook page “DOL - International Translation Day 2019.”

For registrations : Click here

Download Application : Click here